SAAL Digital Picture Book

Oct 23 2017

Some time ago I got the chance to test a picture book from saal digital. Saal Digital offers a broad set of different types of  books:

For the review I chose to create a wedding picture book, one that I have already created with Lightroom and has been printed some time ago by a different picture book company (due to the fact that this reviews goal is to focus on saal digital, I will not release the name of the other company).

Saal digital provides plugins to export the Lightroom picture books, but I decided to rebuild the book from scratch and test the saal digital software as well.


For the test I decided to create the book with following parameters:

  • Size: 19 x 28 cm (A4 portrait )
  • Cover: leather saphireblack, padded, without barcode
  • Pages: 58 pages, photo paper glossy
  • Gift Box: anthracite gift box
  • Prize: € 101.75 including VAT excluding shipping costs and vouchers

Compared to other wedding photobooks the price is very compatitive.


I have never ordered anything using saal digital services and therefore was very new to the software delivered by the company.

After some initial misunderstanding, it was:

  • easy to use, but still
  • very flexible
  • informative about possible problems (blank pages, too small images)

The powerful templating system allowed to create a first approach to the book. After that only some tweaking was necessary to finalize the product. All in all the book was designed after 2hours, a really good time for me.

What I really liked: The software stores the images into the file, where the fotobook is stored. This allows to backup/move the photo book without having to backup the original images. This allows the designer to re-order the book at any time without any effort.

A small thing I did not like: As mentioned before I used a leather cover … therefore no images on the front and back of the book. The software told me on reviewing the book (a process before ordering, that ensures everything is ok with the book), that I still have blank pages in my book … well I did not, only front and back and there you can’t put anything since it’s leather covered.


Fast (3 days), cheap (€6) and very informative … you will be informed about every step from production to dispatch to delivered.


Gift Box

For a wedding photo book this gift box is a must have! It provides a professional presentation, keeps the book safe and dark. The provided box by saal digital is solid, with an magnetic clasp, and beautiful. The book itself fits perfectly into the box. Definitly Thumbs up for the box.


The padded leather cover felt professional … actually I was surprised how good it felt.


The quality of the images is good. Could be a little more vibrant, but the difference between the saal digital product and others is minimal.


The binding looks great. Even with full panoramic 2page pictures, no detail is lost. Also feels solid, as if enduring many years of enjoying the book.


I am really surprised by the quality. This is definitly a solution for the smaller pocket!

  • Price: Perfect
  • Software: very good
  • Image Quality: good
  • Overall Quality: very good