Is Sony a Pro camera brand?

Jun 23 2015

Since now many years I use Sony cameras as a professional photographer and on many occasions people came to me asking how I like my “Canon” … well they saw my white 70-200mm lens and thought “white means Canon”. Talking further to these people it happened quite often that the major question was “Why Sony?”.

Why is quite easy to explain, has Sony become a big player in the professional photography business?

Why do I use Sony?

  • My first SLR was a Pentax… but my first SLR with Autofocus was an Minolta Dynax 7
    • Maximum shutter speed of 1/8000
    • up to 4 pictures a second
    • 14-segment honeycomb-pattern metering
    • and my beloved STF function
    • a hell of a camera and it’s still working
  • After my graduation I got my first digital became a Sony A100
    • well … not really a good camera … even for a first attempt a bad result!
    • BUT my lenses fit and there where some crystal clear glasses within my Minolta inventory
  • It got better with the A700 > A900 <> A850  <> A77 >> A99

Well it’s clear now that I stayed with Minolta/Sony because of my past and the convenience not to re-buy my entire stock … but nowadays I feel like a person with Multiple Personality Disorder: I am a Sony fanboy and Sony hater at the same time.

What’s in my bag…

Before I can explain why I lovehate Sony as a camera brand, there is the point I need to explain what products I own:
Camera Bodies still in use:

Lenses in use:

my Opinion on Sony…

…in Sports

As you maybe have realized I love sports photography. But does Sony have a

…during travelling


…on events


…in the studio